Monday, March 16, 2015

What is it like after we die

Tom Waits had some good ones.
  1. Like a skinned hand bleeding
  2. Like a back door squeaking
  3. Like a big dog breeding
  4. Like more cold coffee
  5. Like a new brain learning

Far Less Lyrical:

How NPC reacts to being dead
  1. Thinks he died doing something heroic and worthwhile. Enemies are beneath him - he won, after all.
  2. Remembers everything.
  3. Remembers nothing. Every 30 seconds or so, new introductions.
  4. Has achieved Nirvana. Questions about pragmatic issues get nebulous cosmic answers, questions about nebulous cosmic issues get pragmatic answers.
  5. Can't hear you very well over the sounds of a huge party / orgy kind of thing. Gives lots of unsolicited romantic advice.
  6. Can't stop screaming. Can speak at length of how torture works when one cannot die of shock.
  7. Keeps thinking of his/her parents, wondering when they'll show up. Has a message for them.
  8. Sitting at the right hand of God the Father, Our Dark Lord.
  9. Watching you, waiting for you to join him/her.
  10. You look like an angel to them.
  11. There's a lot of interference over the short-wave. The NPC is about to lead a counterassault against a heavily fortified nest of devils. Getting mortared as we speak. Advice on tactics would be greatly appreciated.
  12. The NPC is now mining in the Knowledge Mines alongside angels and devils. There are a number of esoteric topics the NPC has since become an expert in; uses metaphors from his prior work to explain them. Law and Chaos can be explained with sheepherding metaphors. Don't worry if this doesn't make sense. The PCs are probably not experts in either topic.
  13. There is a cup of coffee before the NPC, on a table in a field. Clouds roil across the sky. Shapes form in the clouds.
  14. The NPC has a tower on the Plane of Towers. Some of the local imps worship the NPC as a godling. The NPC has gotten used to this treatment.
  15. Relives last few moments forever. PCs can break this loop with a tricky persuasion roll / proper roll-playing.
  16. NPC is distilling soul-stuff in a brewery for the Gods. Doesn't have a lot of time for chit-chat or will be fired.
  17. The NPC was already re-born into another mortal body. Doesn't recall past life, is extremely weirded out by your 'telepathy'. New mortal body: 1) humanoid baby of some specie 2) goat 3) golem 4) already-adult goblin 5) eagle 6) snail
  18. Busy catching up on reading. Will talk if the PCs can hit a Lore roll (or equivalent) to discourse on the Symbolism of the Moon Slave in relation to the 18 Days War.
  19. Doing the same stuff, now just in Dis. Once an NPC, always an NPC.
  20. In an awesome bar, drinking and bullshitting.
  21. You can clearly hear some kind of play in the background. The NPC whispers and the play bits you overhear seem more relevant answers to your question that what the NPC says.
  22. Compelled to return as a lantern in an Iron Empire outpost. Will give answers if the PC will get geased to come out and smash the lantern. Which is, of course, Damaging Imperial Property and Rather Illegal.

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