Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Charlie, a Troika Background, and pull-chit rules for dying of POiSoNNN


A Troika! Background (It's me)

Content Warning: I game-ify my anxiety.

Advanced Skills

  • 2 Running
  • 1 generate surplus value for capitalists
  • 2 Remain Silent
  • 2 Small Creature Friendship
  • 2 Find Humour
  • 1 Entertaining Game Time
  • 1 CharAnxiety
  • -1 Penmanship


  • Notebook 
  • Warped metal pen (as knife)
  • String (1 meter)
  • Silver religious(?) symbol
  • Mask
  • Pamphlet Dungeon Map
  • 1d6 anti-anxiety ampoules in a jar shaped like a beetle

Notes on New Skills!

Remain Silent can be used in lieu of Etiquette, as long as the Charlie remains silent and goes along with the other being. It also can have other uses.

Small Creature Friendship does not charm or control animals, but they will treat the Charlie as a friend or at least a distant uncle. Small animals are up to the size of a large dog, but not a truly massive dog.  Cats and snakes are not included - roll in their respective Mien tables.

Find Humour can both find entertaining things about the situation or locate actual bodily humours.

CharAnxiety can be used to have 1 obscurely appropriate tool for a task in a given session, but sometimes one must fail an Anxiety skill roll to get shit done, especially when carrying out the drudge-work of the Gleaming Capital Lords. It cannot(?) be used when eating anxiety ampoules.




Skill 8, Stamina 4, Init 3, Damage as Knife. 


  1. Distracted
  2. Secretly Angry
  3. Overtly Angry
  4. Disinclined
  5. Sleeping
  6. Playful
You think you know them. You know nothing. They will tolerate us for a time longer. How long, only they know. They abide us, they indulge us. Or not. Moment to moment, it is their choice.



Skill 9, Stamina 4, Init 4, Damage as small beast + potentially POISON

  1. Danger! Noodle!
  2. d_ANGER (noodle)
  3. danger?? Nooooodle!!!
  4. Snoot boop
  5. Sleep
  6. Sunbathe
3-in-6 the snake is poisonous. If so, and if bitten, put 2d6 dice of one color and 1 die of another in a bag. Every 5 minutes at the table (or if the PCs travel for a while), have the player draw a die out of the bag. If they draw the 1 unique colored die, their character dies. Some snakes allow one to put more (or fewer) 'safe' dice in the bag.

Snakes generally only attack if stepped on, or if they feel threatened.  If left alone they will not attack, unless one is the size of a rodent.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Strange Loops, a spark table pocketmod 'adventure' 'generator'

I've been busy and depressed but here's the spark tables I used to put together some point-crawl horror stuff for that system I put together, CESR. You should be able to right-click on the image, click 'view in another tab', and see the pocketmod in its original size and print it from there. HAVE FUN exploding heads and such! There's no way out written into this so think of that before you start.
Strange Loops A4 (Americans noooo)

Strange Loops Letter (Americans Use This) ^^^