Saturday, May 6, 2017

Worldbuilding: Post Apocalyptic Raiders on Souped-Up Lawnmowers

I think I've seen a gif of a guy on a standing tractor, racing around. The machine was just an engine with a tiny metal platform behind it you stand on. Some wheels and some controls.

So I figured in the future the shitty raiders aren't going to have awesome rat rods - they're not going to have Nux' car. Nux had to work his way up the War Boy chain of death bullshit command to earn that car. Slit had to work his way up to be a passenger on that car. And these guys had a giant machine behind them - a V8 of logistics, trade/barter/exchange, brotherly nepotism, and some good geographical luck.

For the real scruffy, nomadic end of the raider ecology, you might see something more like this:

Drag racing a tiny tractor. I figure you stick an arrow-gun on the front of this and you're good to go. Fire them into someone else's tires and you can bring down a vehicle with things like doors, windows, a roof.

Want something less practical? There's a jet-engine go cart. The wheels are a bit smaller than the souped-up lawnmowers I've seen, so it might be a bit worse for off-roading. And it eats fuel, apparently. But it does have a certain something.

How to soup-up a lawn mower. You have to mess with something called the 'differential.' Yeah, I am ignorant regarding engines and cars and the like, generally (I drive a Corolla. I have never driven a stick-shift). First start of that build. As in the first time it was turned on and such.

Then you get into rat rods, which I just found out about today. You get something much closer to a Nux pursuit vehicle for sure. You can see something like this, which runs an engine common to 'wood chippers, combines, or in this case from a skid-steer.' So yeah, perfect scavenger vehicle.

Promising, probably more polished rat rod driving on the actual road. It does look pretty fucking scary honestly. Driving kills about 30k people a year in the USA. I love my curtain air bags. I'm very glad to no longer have my circa 1998 air bags pointing at my face. I can't imagine driving one of these on an actual road or at any speed.

Clearly I would make a shite war boy. Or nomadic wanderer.

So anyway, that was the worldbuilding hole I fell down, to see if raiders could feasibly ride around on souped-up lawnmowers. Turns out, yeah, road conditions depending. Or they could build a decent hot rod out of an engine from a wood chipper.