Friday, March 18, 2022

IDLES and Space Sunglasses Backgrounds

 Inspired by 72stations' 4d20 backgrounds for various bands. Use with Troika or my twitter simple system

Also available at my as Stellar Punk Weirdos.

IDLES 4d20

Background Ability Item Quirk
1 Human Jelly Caduceus Kick Carcinogenic Water Big Mirror of a Smile
2 Person With A Perm Concrete and Leather Hairspray Jaw Like a Fuck-Off Bear Trap
3 Car Crasher False Front Motivational DVDs Loves Holding Hands
4 Catcaller Killer Riding Wave Bag of Michael Keaton Crawls Everywhere
5 Television Destroyer Gyrate Beautifully US Flag Pants Always Dancing
6 Scum Vibrate Eyes Rocket Fuel Cannot Go Slow
7 Mother Freddy Mercury 1d6 Molotovs Laughs at Tyrants
8 Heel Skin is Molotov Sarcasm Amputator Studies Gotho 1649
9 Father Body Full of Pins Cut Down Throne Makes wonderful cookies
10 Model Village Escapee Rollerblade Sword Fight Katana Stomps Everywhere
11 Snowflake Avalanche Spraypaint Friend in Every Dive Bar
12 Sloganeer Middle Finger 6 Cheap Beers Denies All Gods
13 Excommunicated Office Drone Musical Metamorphosis Delay Pedal Always Tagging
14 Blue Blood Vampire Hyper Caring Reigns Never Had A Job
15 Loop Smasher Ballroom Sway Crowbar Raises Sharks
16 Barfight Gladiator Shrug It Off 1d6 Benzocaine Bottles Never Sleeps, Dances
17 Baron-hearted Betrayer Blend In Asteroid Stone Mace Full of Hot Air
18 The Worst Lover Mean Business Rollerblades Natural Winner Despite All Evidence
19 Uniter Cry To Me Snake In Boots Talks to Vultures
20 Rottweiler Arson Newspaper Clippings Attracts Ghosts

Melding (Floodgate Companion, Space Sunglasses, Cardini's Vortex, Vorpal Sword) (Music: The Comet Is Coming, Thee Oh Sees)

Background Ability Item Quirk
1 Face Melter Drill Arm Eye Shield Clicking Face
2 Melted Facer Phasing Silver Organic Gun Loves Dinosaur-Cyborgs
3 Growing Plantoid Rapid Temporary Growth Circuit-bent Synthesizer Perfect Rhythm
4 Bearded Sage Self-Split Dodge 3d3 Acid Vials Always Tallest
5 Robo-luchador Atomic Piledriver Hyper-salt Only Eats Slurry
6 Crystal-headed Skirmisher Wall-walk Kneepads and Boots Telepathic Talker
7 Kaiju Child Atomic Laser Mouth Tape Deck Head on Backwards
8 Beehive with Legs Honey Transmuter Egg-shaped Floating Car Sensitive Antenna
9 Princess Warmage Scintilating Energy Hands Eldritch Computer Manual Flashlight Eyes
10 Ferrofluid Humanoid Extendo Limbs Cape and Balaclava Scared of Omega Bugs
11 Brody Goo-bot Extradimensional Storage Horned Biohelm Cocktail Exuder
12 Last Synth Master Mega-speed Golem Armor Smells like burnt plastic
13 Solar Socialite Infinity Eye Party Hover-Barge Only Wears Metal
14 Doomland Scrapper Power Fist Vorpal Sword Vibrating At a High Frequency
15 Orgone Sniffer Snake Arm Melty Houseplant Speech Bubbles
16 Sphere Wizard Vomit Vine High-heel Powerboots TV Static Voice
17 Remade Android Wall Destroy Casio PT-1 Believes in Anti-Moon
18 Gamma Dog Energy Shield Grey Goo Taxi Hates the Party Lords
19 Battle Demoness Calm Beast Crystal Lance Supports Bat-Crab Fighters
20 Beatle Head Space Judo Camo Jumpsuit Controlled by Head Octopus