Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Samizdat Vol. 2 Issue 3

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   z$$b. ^c     3$$$F "$$$$b   $"$$$$$$$  $$$$*"      .=""$c  
  4$$$$L   \     $$P"  "$$b   .$ $$$$$...e$$        .=  e$$$. 
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          "*$b.  "c  *$e.    *** d$$$$$"L$$    .d"  e$$***"   
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                 "*$$$  *=%4.$ L L$ P3$$$F $$$P"              
                    "$   "%*ebJLzb$e$$$$$b $P"                
                      %..      4$$$$$$$$$$ "                  
                       $$$e   z$$$$$$$$$$%                    
                        "*$c  "$$$$$$$P"                      
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                   .-"    .e$"     "*$c  ^*b.                 
            .=*""""    .e$*"          "*bc  "*$e..            
          .$"        .z*"               ^*$e.   "*****e.      
          $$ee$c   .d"                     "*$.        3.     
          ^*$E")$..$"                         *   .ee==d%     
             $.d$$$*                           *  J$$$e*      
              """""                             "$$$"   Gilo95'
Sickness SpreadingA dry cough is spreading through the sprawl, with sufferers also showing signs of fever, night sweats, weight loss. 

"I'm not sure how this has spread so quickly," said Iago Kuchina, head of the 2nd St Doc's Box. "I can confirm that the disease is very contagious. People with latent symptoms can transmit the disease. Symptomatic people are obviously stronger vectors."

Asked if micropore filter-masks helped, Kuchina shrugged.

"We're still trying to figure out what we're dealing with."

There is no known cure, and early symptoms could worsen over time, Kuchina indicated.

"Or, who knows? Everything could turn out roses." He laughed and peeled off in his mobile operating theatre, swerving around a man who coughed into his hand and held up his bloody palm. 

One anonymous source slaving through mid-management indicated that multiple corps are in meetings with Single Sun, discussing possible quarantine measures. Of course, involuntary quarantining carried out by megacorps would be illegal under territorial law... 

Black Eye for Networked Fabrication Implementations: Prototypes Stolen!!NFI sources indicate that a shipment of prototypes were stolen one week ago during routine transit. NFI CEO, Nathaniel Steele Bengt, has personally executed one of the contractor shipment managers involved in the incident during a debriefing. 

The prototypes are apparently legged armored personnel carriers, though one source indicated this is a misnomer - the vehicles can't transport more than one person and a small cache of cargo.

Such vehicles, armored and likely armed, would pose a serious threat to runners or gangers armed with anti-personnel small-arms, even firing AP ammo! Keep your Kilgore Co. RPG-777 launchers handy should you find yourself hunting this dangerous prey.

Yay another iteration on Apple-Monsanto SmartGrowth!Idiots at E3 are taking their anti-priapism pills, trying to look professional as they whore A-M's SmartGrowth, or iGrowth as cancer-laden old farts call them. They would know, having developed the initial skin cancers the comms-unit ("and so much more") caused as a side-effect of use. 

Though offering a number of (admittedly) useful features, which we won't bother to hawk here, Samizdat Editorial must remind people that SmartGrowth WILL GIVE YOU FUCKING CANCER. Thank you, this has been a public service announcement.

Deprecated Corporate Vat-Grown Bodyguards Apparently For Sale
Corp Fixers are wandering around with these creepy things in their crews nowadays. Apparently a job went very, very right against one of these metal-toothed, dermal armored fellows, and since then corporate mid-level management has divested themselves of their former meatshields. Though 'deprecated,' it's worth pointing out that these identical gents can withstand a surprising amount of punishment. It's rumored that a few have gotten inhibitor chips surgically removed, and are now freelancing. Some runners just made their own competition! Now that's Unbridled Capitalism at it's... finest? Yes. Let's go with that.

Omega 11 Satellite Probably Mind Controlling Us AllIn user-submitted news, the Omega-11 satellite, recently stationed in permanent geo-synch with our lovely patch of sprawl, is beaming down mind-control rays as we speak. These evil rays caused the water riots two years ago which devastated the old Underdock neighborhood. In short, it is to blame for many of our woes, and apparently the Church of Christ the True Flesh will pay for its sabotage. Of course, first you have to find the Church. And convince them that you believe their crazy bollocks. Good luck runners!


I stole this idea from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Samizdat is an underground journalism / conspiracy publication there. Of course samizdat has a very interesting history as well. Anyway, I haven't written up APs from the Sprawl games I've run, but this is some between-session news that reflects both what the PCs have done and what else is going on.