Friday, April 29, 2016

DCC After Action Report: Stealing Skyskippers part 1

The crew had infiltrated a derelict temple to Crom, overrun with Crab Folk settlers. They had alongside them a freed ghost, Belwin, who was friendly, or at least in control of himself, thanks to the crabs' Soul Thresher technology. They retrieved and buried his corpse, so he agreed to pilot a skyskipper for them, if they could steal it from the crabs.

The PCs walked into the temple's main entrance and the cleric, Foozy, attempted to negotiate an airship rental from two crabs, armed with electrical whips and faraday shields, idly tormenting a lightening-fenced ghost. The crabs agreed to go let their boss, Joyce, know that humans were about, and one was tragically slain. The other freed the captive ghost, Balda, and drove him towards the PCs, half of whom failed their reflex saves and saw Joyce murder them (-2 to all rolls in the initial presence of Joyce).

One crab escaped (I started rolling twice for encounters). The PCs wandered the twisted paths of the temple, ignoring desecrated statues and wondering about Crom. The thief, Gipp, managed to keep the PCs out of one combat with fast lockpicking; in another case, the party's henchperson of note held fast a door so that opium-addled crabs could not pursue them. They stole a brick of opium, found a secret door, and ascended to a skyskipper hangar, from which they are currently planning a distraction. They can get to a control room, visible from the hangar, but filled with crab guards or Joyce himself. So, distractions are in order.

(Skyskippers look like a wooden nautical ship, but instead of a mainmast, a giant plant trunk rises up to what looks like a dandelion seed head. The tiller of the ship is a root system. They have to park in water periodically to refuel. They have cannon and can take cargo and so on.)