Friday, June 28, 2019

Summon With Your D666

Nate Treme's awesome Pamphlet Jam made me want to figure out how to make a pamphlet. Mork Borg has filled my mind with Dark Metal Simple RPG things. So here is the first half of draft of a pamphlet, letting one Summon Outsiders and possible wreck everything. Thanks to Cavegirl for being awesome, the Summon spell from LotFP for being totally insane, and everyone else. 

Summon Pamphlet  

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Rough thoughts on a new monster/cultist. Inspired by MORK BORG which is cool and very metal OSR.

FLOODBEARER 5 HD, 17 hp, Armor as Leather. A robed figure floats above the ground. Its bony, sallow skin can be seen, pocked with deep holes from which it pulls waxed scrolls, cracking them open and reading from them, bringing a conflagration of rain and flooding wherever they are. They wish to show humanity the folly of building and civilization. They are serenely unaffected by the storm they summon. If killed, their chest has 1d6 scrolls of Deluge left within. Spell: Deluge This spell summons a hellish storm, outdoors or in, aboveground or below. I haven't decided how this works indoors - if we skip straight to 2nd or 3rd casting in a dungeon, or if a house would just collapse, or if the ceiling seems to fade away. Above one can see a towering black maelstrom which flickers with red lightening. Anyone who tries to climb up out of a dungeon or building using this spell have travelled to the Plane of Storms. For a few more minutes the gateway will be open. Casting the spell is a cumulative act; a Floodbearer will attempt to cast this spell every round. The storm takes at least a turn to recede and affects a large area, ruining crops, buildings, and other flimsy machinations of humanity. 1st casting: Area is flooded up to your waist, driving stinging rain limits vision. It is more difficult (advantage/disadvantage?) to walk or run, and harder to shoot ranged weapons. (However, swimming is possible for less encumbered people.) 2nd casting: Flooding is up to one's shoulders. In addition to the above effects, melee fighting is harder above the waves. Currents begin to pull at people standing or swimming - languidly, despite the hell storm above the water. 3rd casting: Water rises to 7', everyone must sink or swim. Currents can pull the party apart or deposit them in a different location. Rolls to avoid damage from being slammed into walls or half-drowned are appropriate.

Now I need 'Encounters and Locations you find on the Plane of Storms.' In theory one could use these spells cast in several locations in the real world to 'teleport' in a dangerous and awesome way.