Thursday, December 1, 2016

I want my Studio Ghibli cyberpunk movie

On Your Mark

It is stupid hard to find this video on the internet. I think it's a combination of a super overused phrase ('On Your Mark,') and that it's a Studio Ghibli short from 1995. Anyway, quite the wonderful science fiction / science fantasy short.

In other news, Troika! is an outstanding and evocative little game. Like Into the Odd, the equipment (and, in Troika's case, the character backgrounds) suggests a  very cool setting without giving you one. All it needs is an implied setting workbook and answers to Jeff Rients' 20 questions, and you'd be off to the races. Running some crazy stuff with fallen angels and sword monks and key wizards and paper-skinned undead witches. And those are the PCs!

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