Monday, May 18, 2015

3 Snake Leaves

I've been reading through Into the Odd lately, and also found an awesome webcomic via a fellow player in John Bell's awesome Necrocarcerus campaign. That webcomic's titular conceit is destined to be an Into the Odd Arcana.

3 Snake Leaves

If all three leaves are present and pressed over the eyes and mouth of a recently dead, largely intact corpse, the person will be flush with life and vigor. So much so, that they make choices they come to regret. At the Referee's discretion, players should roll a WIL SAVE or misbehave as befits their ebullient nature.

I would probably only let the 3 Snake Leaves work once on a PC, and after it does it's work, it's obvious the person isn't quite the same as everyone else. They're too flushed with blood and life.

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