Friday, December 14, 2018

d66 Sci-Fi Horror Room Details

Because I've had DOOM, Mothership, Alien, Aliens, Teleglitch, et cetera on the mind lately, and because boring rooms are boring.


  1. Flashing emergency lights
  2. Hanging chains
  3. Open electrical ductwork
  4. Venting steam, 2 meters max visibility
  5. Storage crates littered about
  6. Private improvised work/rest area
  1. Jury-rigged lighting
  2. Large AC fans / vents
  3. Schematics and printouts strewn about
  4. Sealed capsule, 1000 kg. Contains Plastic Death Tree
  5. Pitch black
  6. Super loud
  1. Weirdly tiered (about 1 meter difference, good for cover)
  2. Metal grill over wire / steam pipes / liquid / drop
  3. Effluent access, pipes
  4. Broken mainframe materials
  5. Extra flooring / wall / ceiling covers, some glass
  6. Stacks of corpses in body bags
  1. 2d6 barrels of unstable fuel
  2. Artificial park
  3. Foundry re-flow, open, molten metal
  4. Demon sigils carved everywhere, humming faintly
  5. Graffiti'd with rumors
  6. Emergency computer terminal 
  1. Large industrial bags of trash everywhere
  2. Vaulted ceiling, thick columns
  3. Large acquariums
  4. Spare algae farms
  5. Crates full of flour, (one secretly contains powder-based drugs, worth 30k credits)
  6. Overgrown with lightvine, 3 meters visibility despite light as it hangs down from ceiling
  1. Filled with acrid smoke
  2. Lots of nooks and crannies, dim
  3. Bright and very spartan
  4. Shot up, ceiling panels creaking, falling
  5. Narrow, twisting like guts
  6. Loose floor panels

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